Yes, I am vertically challenged.

While running errands yesterday, I saw a mother and her son walking through the parking lot.  He was probably an older teen, at least 16, and a full head taller than she.  It was a striking enough difference to stick with me.

All throughout baby- and toddlerhood, my son has been at least 75th in percentile for height and sometimes as high as 90th.  The pediatrician has always said that he could be anywhere from 6’2″ to 6’4″ when he’s done growing.   My wallet cringes every time I hear that!

So yesterday, watching that mother and tall son walk by, I wondered if that would be me and my son in about 10-12 years.

Or if he might take after me, and measure tall as a kid and then hit the growth-spurt wall.  Yes, I am vertically challenged.

When I was little, the charts said I was supposed to be 5’10” which is laughable!  I’m 5’4″, maybe 5’5″ if it’s morning (since the spine compresses throughout the day) and there’s high humidity (might give me some extra height with my curls).  LOL   I do have tall genes though, as does my husband, who is taller than average but not over 6′.  He and I both have some tall family members, so the kid comes by it honestly.  And genetically I guess I could have been tall….maybe if I hadn’t start drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes at 13!   Ha!

Alright simmer down folks…I quit cold smoking turkey in 1998 and haven’t picked one up since.  🙂


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