GF Pancake Muffins, yum!

I’ve been looking for an easier way to use up my pancake batter rather than having to stand in the kitchen and cook them all on stove, so I wanted to try my hand at pancake muffins.  I decided to modify a pancake recipe I had been using, which the kid has said are the BEST pancakes ever.  I use half all purpose gluten free flour (bean-based) and half teff and mix it my Vitamix.  Let me tell you, the teff makes all the difference.  The kid says they taste like brownies!   I could pour that pancake batter into a cupcake liner, easy.   With the pancakes, they were great the first day, but once frozen and reheated, they were dry.  So I used milk instead of water and I added more oil.  This seems to do the trick for reheating.

Pancake-muffin success!



2 responses to “GF Pancake Muffins, yum!

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