Hot Biscuits and Safe Chips!

I just realized how long it’s been since my last post.  Oops!  Here’s a quick update before I get to the hot biscuits!

We still have lingering remnants of the cold.  Lots of nose blowing and ear popping, and now, coughing.  Last night the kid was coughing in his sleep.  As it was, he had already gotten to sleep much later than usual for a school night so I didn’t want him to suffer any additional lack of sleep.

When he was little, I had heard of using mentholated ointment on the feet and then topping with socks, and believe it or not it actually worked.  Last night, I was slightly desperate and decided I had nothing to lose in trying straight eucalyptus oil.  Relative silence!

The bread recipe was a bust for a number of reasons.  I have discovered that ground chia seeds must need more water than I’ve been using.  I’ve noticed when I use the chia seeds ground up, they tend to clump up more and I end up with visible clumps in the end product.  That was the case with this bread.  And since the ground chia seeds were clumped up and not evenly distributed, parts of the bread were crumbly.  The flavor wasn’t great either, which I think was because of the buckwheat.  Why it works in my graham crackers but not the bread, I can only guess it’s the amount of time in the oven that changes the flavor into a Kasha-ish roasted buckwheat taste, which is NOT appealing to me at all.  I tried slicing the bread up and toasting them in the oven, but that only intensified the Kasha flavor.  Blech.

On to hot biscuits!  I found this recipe for gluten free biscuits yesterday and after some thought, I decided it might work with a flour I know we like.  Teff.  This morning I decided nearly the last minute to try whipping it up.   I used ivory teff from Teff Company for the lighter color.  (I use brown teff for my cinnamon graham crackers.)  They did not turn out fluffy or flaky, but when you haven’t had a biscuit in several months, these aren’t really that bad.  (My baking powder may have been too old as well.)  I also think 20 minutes in the oven was too long, so next time I’ll check them at 15 and go from there.

OH!  And Hallelujah!   *cue angels singing*  I found a safe, gluten free, potato free, corn free (okay, well corn light at least), and rice free CHIP!  The brand is Food Should Taste Good and it’s their Sweet Potato chips.  I asked around on some gluten free forums to be sure these were safe, even though they are certified.  Success!  And, they taste better than the Terra Chips brand, which are labeled gluten free (but not certified) and sure enough my son had a full gluten reaction.  Poor kid!

But hooray for biscuits with teff and safe sweet potato chips!

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4 responses to “Hot Biscuits and Safe Chips!

  1. YUM! I am going to buy some teff next purchase- gotta try it!

  2. Gotta check out those sweet potato chips!

  3. They are probably corn light (as is he) but they are certified gluten free, which is his biggest issue.

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