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I’m Kid-Free! Weeeeee!!!

The boy child is spending the night with his grandparents.  Interestingly, it was one year ago this month that he spent his first night away from home and from us at their house.  The new twist this time is that the child of a family friend is also spending the night there.  I wonder how that bedtime routine went!  (HA!)

In my free time today, I have been a slug.  DH and I watched a movie called Contagion.  In the middle of the afternoon no less!   I snoozed on the sofa.  I had cereal for dinner.  And since I napped, I am now awake, so I’ve been interneting and watching a guilty indulgence from my DVR…Facebook, Pinterest, and Young and the Restless, oh my!

For a long time, Facebook was one of my biggest online time hogs.  My newest and latest obsession is Pinterest.   I have found so many cool things on there…recipes, decorating ideas, outfit ideas, DIY projects.

My latest awesome discovery on Pinterest is a meal planning post by Just Sweet & Simple called More On Meal Planning.  Lemme tell ya, I wish I had it this together!  One night a week she is making two meals…one to eat and one to freeze.  Brilliant!  My friends who meal plan swear by it.  I want to get on the same bus!  Meal planning would make life so much easier when DS announces he’s hungry for the 6th or 7th time of the day.  But I wonder how long it would take me to tweak this to work with my food restrictions.   Hm…  More importantly, I wonder how long it would take me to work on the hubby to let me get a deep freeze..